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GO WITH US TO NICARAGUA - JUNE 3rd - 10th, 2019

We're headed to the SHEO (Sonny Holland Evangelism Outreach) Ministries property outside of Masatepe, Nicaragua and you should go!


SHEO is on 60+ acres with accommodations for up to 100 people.  You'll have access to private bathrooms, first-world sleeping arrangements, top-notch kitchen and dining facilities, and a working farm.  There's also an outdoor chapel and other worship and fellowship locations.


SHEO is just a short walk to a wonderful and safe village that we're going to do ministry in.  It's also minutes away from busy and beautiful Masatepe, a city with many ministry opportunities among people desperately needing the hope that Jesus offers.


  • Nicaragua

  • About six million people call this country (the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere) home.

  • Nicaragua is about the size of New York state.

  • The primary language is Spanish (though we’ll have translators).

  • Managua is its largest city, with about one million people.

  • Home of the second largest rainforest in the Americas.

  • Known as the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”

  • Baseball is its national sport


Our trip will present people with all skill and ability levels with multiple, meaningful opportunities to serve.  We’re going to be doing a little construction, feeding tons of people, VBS-type activities and spending time with kids, clothing people, medical service, movie nights and lots more.  You need to be with us!


  • Call the church office and/or ask for Holli Cougle.  She'll make sure that you have everything you need for your trip.

  • The trip will cost $1500.  This includes airfare, local transportation, all food and lodging.

  • You will need a current passport (apply soon)

  • Begin planning and watch for team meetings we’ll hold before our trip.  We’ll talk about things like travel, accommodations, getting Bibles and other supplies to Nicaragua, schedules and more.

  • Pray, pray, pray… for God to be with our team.  For a clear mission with eternal wins.  For safe travel and helpful volunteers.  For SHEO and mission work in Nicaragua.

  • Managua, Nicaragua is a short flight from Baton Rouge, LA through Houston, TX (probably about 5 hours total flight and wait time).  Once we reach the airport in Managua, a bus meets us for the hour drive to the SHEO property just outside of Masatepe.  We’ll spend the entire trip between this property and ministering in a local village,nearby-by city, and other villages nearby.  We’ll also see some volcanoes, lagoons, and local tourist attractions.

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