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I'm thrilled that you've registered for summer camp!  Let me share a few details with you as we're getting closer to the date!


First... We are also going to need to receive a payment for the first $250 BEFORE May 1st (bring it to the church office) with the final $150 to be collected before our trip.  Camp is expensive, but as we searched while planning this year's camp, we found that this is in the ballpark of similar camping experiences, and it's $100 less than last year with an additional day.  The good news is that some wonderful people have provided a $150 dollar scholarship (which may be applied at any time) to anyone who can recite the following verses of Scripture (any translation will work) -


Second... camp is really going to be great this year!  It's different from last year in that we'll be in groups consisting of some of our students and many others... so while there will be great opportunities to hang out with people you know... there will be wonderful opportunities to make new friends and worship with people from all over!  We'll have sports, team-based activities, small group times led by college students, large-group worship opportunities and more.  It's everything you love about church camp... and it's being held on the campus of a beautiful Christian University!


Third... all of the details available are at with any additional details about the camping organization at


Please let me know if you have any questions and I'm praying that this year's summer camp will be one you remember for the rest of your life.




Josh Cougle

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